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Programs and Services

Secretariat Services

PSSC offers three types of secretariat services that its member-organizations may avail:

  1. Full secretariat support;
  2. Desktop assistance; and
  3. Bookkeeping assistance.

For organizations that avail themselves of full secretariat support services, PSSC shall handle the following tasks:

  1. Handling of all official communication and correspondence with the association’s members and other relevant publics;
  2. Scheduling, backstopping, and documenting regular Board meetings;
  3. Managing and maintaining membership records, including sending out billing, receiving, and monitoring payment for new and renewing members;
  4. Assisting the association in complying with SEC and BIR requirements; and 
  5. Maintaining a storage area and work station for file and records keeping.


Philippine Economic Society

Philippine Migration Research Network

For organizations that avail themselves of desktop assistance services for their publications, PSSC shall assist in the following tasks: 

  1. Laying out the contents of the publication;
  2. Preparing the cover design of the publication; and 
  3. Coordinating with the printing press.


Philippine Statistical Association, Inc.

For organizations that avail themselves of bookkeeping assistance services, PSSC shall maintain their financial records, as well as undertake the following tasks:

  1. Annual filing of the organization’s Income Tax Return with the Bureau of Internal Revenue and its submission to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); and
  2. Annual filing of General Information Sheet with SEC.


Philippine Political Science Association

For Inquiries and Reservations

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