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AGHAMTAO Vol. 29 2021


Various Authors

Aghamtao is the official journal of the Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, inc. (UGAT), the Anthropological Association of the Philippines. Beginning with its maiden issue in 1978 devoted to a stocktaking of Anthropology in the Philippines, Aghamtao continues provide a forum for the scholarship and practice of anthropology in the Philippines. Aghamtao comes out as a regular issue in October, an from time to time may have a second special issue. All submissions undergo a double-blind peer review process.

  • Savoring our food can save us: Counting the global with local by Fernando Zialcita
  • Harvesting activity and food culture of tamiluk (Bactronophous thoracites) in the Philippine mangrove forests by Takashi Tsuji
  • Precarity of corn farming and food security in the uplands of Cebu by Bonifacio M. Amper, Jr. and Zona Hildegarde S. Amper
  • Tuslob buwa: From poor man’s meal to ‘Cebuano’ exotic hotpot dish by Romeo J. Toring, Jr.
  • “Bring adobo!” – Food and Filipino migrant identity in Hong Kong by Josef Adriel Olindan De Guzman
  • A slice of the homeland: the Filipino Sunday market in Turin, Italy by Raymond Aquino Macapagal
  • Philippine and Japanese food habits and food systems by Cynthia Neri Zayas
  • E. Arsenio Manuel’s early life and childhood, 1909-1927 by Brandon Joseph Macapagal Reilly

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